Getting my personal learning on

Personal Learning Network / Personal Learning Environment. It’s the hot topic of the moment, but what is it?

  • It’s you – the connected online version of you
  • It’s social media – having a dialogue with other teachers around the world
  • It’s reflective practice – The act of writing about teaching and reflecting are one and the same
  • It’s professional development – reading articles and curating them for your network is actively engaging with your craft
  • It’s a mindset – you don’t “finish” a PLN, it’s a process of you connecting, reflecting and producing


So what is my PLN? It’s this website, Twitter, Facebook  and even (gasp!) LinkedIn. It’s also me collecting articles from around the web and collating them with an RSS Reader.

Should you bother with a PLN? If you’re interested in improving your practice you can dip-in, watch and follow-along any number of amazing people across the Internet. It’s a great way to find support especially if you’re a lone teacher in a specialist area (Textiles teachers represent!). My way isn’t the only way, and I may change my PLN over time, but right now I’m so excited at the thought of taking my teaching beyond my school and into the wide world.